OWASP Raider v0.3.0 - First Beta Release

04 December 2022

Besides outdated documentation, Raider is now ready to be considered a beta quality software. Many things have changed, and many are still being planned in the near future after the documentation gets updated. Raider started as a framework focused on testing and automating authentication processes, however it has evolved and now it can be used for all kinds of stateful HTTP processes.

Some major things that have changed since last release are:

  • Raider now has a CLI interface (not fully complete)
  • Graph-like architecture, and there‚Äôs no need to distinguish between authentication Flows and regular Flows
  • Logging added everywhere
  • New Plugins and Operations
  • No more special variables
  • Simplified Request definitions
  • Fixed many bugs and implemented many smaller features

The documentation is still being worked on, so if you run into issues, you will have to figure it out from the source code, or wait a little until we update the documentation.